Tonight, Jan. 20, I potted up some of the hyacinth bulbs that have been chilling in the fridge since September. All purple this year.

I like to pot each bulb individually; in the past, when I've potted 2 or more in a single pot or dish, they've not all grown at the same pace in the pot. So, I have a pot of say, 3 bulbs, all potted up at the same time, but growing at different rates. So there's one that's almost in bloom, another about halfway there, and a straggler that's just putting out a scape. Not pretty. I've collected, with William's help, lots and lots of tiny pots just right for single bulb planting.

I'm also water forcing some hyacinths, in clear glass (pictured here, an empty chutney bottle!) because the roots are just so pretty. Once they've all bloomed, they'll all be tossed along the woodline in the backyard, where, next year and for subsequent years, they'll bloom in spring. Don't let anyone tell you that a forced hyacinth is a spent hyacinth. I've had great luck with them reblooming year after year in the garden. Ditto forced daffs and tulips. And I literally just toss them along the woodline, near the compost pile.

The sweet fragrance of hyacinths will fill the house soon! 59 days till spring!

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