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An Algorithm for Happiness

Feast your eyes on the new, German-made fermentation crock my husband bought this week. It’s the real deal, designed simply and smartly to hold and protect whatever food you’re fermenting, while looking very amazing on the kitchen counter. I lifted it once; it probably weighs about 20 pounds. Solid as a rock.

My husband wants homemade pickles. He loves pickles, and he’s very fussy about them: not too soft, not too firm; sour but too much so; soft-skinned; and spicy, but not hot. I’ve never known anyone who valued a pickle more than him.
I’m into kimchi and sauerkraut. But this beauty would also work for making coconut yogurt, kefir, and jun. I think it’s going to get a lot of use.
We had big snow yesterday, and everyone was released from work early. I headed home, climbed under a blanket with our dog, read, and relaxed. Heavy snow blew sideways outside. I drew the blanket up under my chin, and sipped hot tea.
Often, I’ll find myself snuggly and warm on a day like yesterday – at home, com…

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