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Summer Harmony

We had a beautiful Fourth of July weekend on the boat. Our first view of fireworks from the deck of the boat was amazing. A few nights on the water and four days exploring Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island waters, islands, and restaurants was just as good as a plane ticket if not better, and cost very little in comparison. We’re grateful and renewed.
Coming back home, we found that the food gardens had started giving in our absence. Big summer squash were ready to pick, so we grabbed five and grilled them with fresh mango, garden mint, pink salt, and pepper. My husband had a side of beef and I made ugali, my latest obsession.
I’ve been making Kenyan foods all summer. There’s a wonderful variety of plant-based foods in Kenyan cuisine. Ugali is a simple, soft cornmeal bread mixed and steamed in a heavy pot. It’s fluffy and mild. It goes with everything, especially greens and tomatoes, in a dish called sukuma wiki.
Sukuma wiki is made in Africa using collard greens. I’ve been using ou…

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