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Coconut Oil Won’t Kill Us, but The American Heart Association Will

Our friends at the American Heart Association recently announced that coconut oil wants to kill us. This news comes as a complete shock to the tens of thousands of Americans who have been using dietary coconut oil for years and enjoying the health benefits that the AHA now says don’t exist.
Let’s list a few specifics before I begin questioning the integrity of our American food and health industries:
·Far from being a wellness society, the AHA is a financially successful entity with a reported $774 million in revenue in 2014. It enjoys countless ‘corporate relationships’ (this verbiage comes from the AHA website), and affiliations with government-related agencies.
·The AHA for decades promoted the consumption of margarine, possibly the most incredibly unstable food product on the market, which is widely known to increase inflammation and free radical damage in our cardiovascular systems. For years, the AHA has endorsed foods containing hydrogenated oils and trans fats – literally, the w…

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