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Angry Like Me

Karma, as most people understand it, is a fallacy. The notion of karma that many of us cling to is that of a cosmic bellboy who sweeps in to punish our adversaries for their sins against us. This notion of karma is empowering when we’re feeling angry, indignant, embittered, and vengeful. ‘Karma will get him’, we say. Karma will level the playing field.
It doesn’t work that way. The Buddhist view of karma is the correct one: our actions – each and every last one of them - yield consequences. These consequences may be realized in this life, or in a future incarnation. The sufferings of this life may very well be the karmic consequences of a previous life. But whenever it manifests, however it manifests, you may be sure it’s purely a cause and effect mechanism. It exists neither to punish nor reward us for our deeds. It’s simply the fruit that we bear.
Humanity is grappling with its karmic path now. The absolutely tragic gardening season the Northeast has just had has demonstrated – unless…

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