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Summer Garden Blur, and Marine Environment-Friendly, Biodegradable Sunscreens

Today is August 15, and the food gardens are getting blurry. The lovely early-season symmetry of straight lines and neat rows is giving way to chaos. Plants have spread to their maximum girth and are invading each other’s space. Tomato, pepper, cucumber, and melon plants are sagging to the ground under the weight of their own production. Weeds that were once scarce and easy to pull have squeezed in and sprouted from nooks and crannies in the confusion. It’s a primeval forest of green, dotted with red and pink (tomatoes) and yellow (Alma peppers). In short, it’s a jungle out there.
This grates on my methodized eye, which longs for Zen simplicity. This is the time of year when I must accept impermanence, release the need for control in the garden, and find beauty in the chaos. Or at least make peace with it.
My husband is great. Last night, he knew without my saying that I couldn’t bear to go out and bushwhack through the gardens to pick veggies. So, he quietly grabbed our gathering baske…

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