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Ahimsa Gardening

Indian activist and ecologist Satish Kumar is one of the people of the world I strive to emulate. For decades, Kumar has dedicated his life to the pursuit of global peace. In 1962, he and activist E.P. Menon walked the now-famous, grueling 8000-mile ‘Pilgrimage for Peace’ to raise global awareness for the peace movement and of non-violent forms of resistance.
Kumar places a reverence for nature at the heart of all pollical and social intercourse and debate. He recognizes the deep spirituality of gardening; a view with which I wholeheartedly agree.
Gardening is powerful meditation. As we slowly walk through our gardens, clearing this and tending that, pruning, feeding, watering, talking, encouraging, and touching, we are entirely in the present moment. The whole of our attention is into the soil. With disciple-like reverence, we pay homage to Mother Earth. We nurture food and flowers so that we and others may eat and dwell, so that life may continue.
Food production is the obvious and sim…

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