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Summer Dreams, Krishnamurti, and Love Consciousness

Todd and I have been listening to the teachings of philosopher and guru Jiddu Krishnamurti. His teachings on the essence of love are so powerful that they can change the trajectory of a mind. But if I try to abridge his wisdom on love here, I’ll only dishonor it. Find some of Krishnamurti’s teachings and hear for yourself.
We have greens seeds coming in from our Italian supplier. In about a month, they’ll be sown in the garden under the plastic tunnels that will help keep them warm as they germinate. Two months from now, we’ll have young greens and microgreens for salads, sprouts, sandwiches, and smoothies. Three months from now, we’ll be bushwhacking through loaded beds of greens and giving them away to family and friends.
I’m longing for summer now. This is when the craving starts. The interminable wait begins. As much as we’re drawing nearer to spring, New England typically packs a last winter punch in March and even April. 

But my spirit is already walking barefoot on the warm earth.…

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