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Homemade 'Booch with Our New Scoby, 'Garbanzo'

Some people announce their new arrival with baby pics or puppy or kitten social media posts. We announce our new arrival with a pictorial of our new scoby.

This morning, our new, young scoby, whom we named 'Garbanzo', was ready to go. I brewed a large pot of oolong tea, let it cool to room temperature, jarred it in a large, sterile brown glass jar, added some coconut sugar, then slipped in Garbanzo. I covered the jar with a brown paper filter secured with a rubber band, put a glass cloche over it all, and placed it in the warmest part of the kitchen, near the stove. We'll have fresh, homemade kombucha in about two weeks.

This is my first time making kombucha with oolong tea, a malty, rich black tea that I like drinking piping hot. I hope this tea will make our latest batch of homemade 'booch just as probiotic-filled and rich.

Antioxidant-rich homemade 'booch can't be beat. It's head and shoulders above the commercial kombucha we buy at the market. You can flav…

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