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Peace at Christmas

Years ago, before I became a Buddhist, one of my favorite things to do while I was out running errands, visiting friends, or shopping, was to stop at a local Catholic church, go inside, and sit still in the quiet.

What a wonderful gift. Silence is healing. There were times I didn't want to leave the peaceful, still air in that church. But when I did leave, I felt renewed. I went in with a mind full of questions, and left with none of those question answered, but a mind of still and peaceful quiet nonetheless. Getting answers to the questions didn't matter once I sat in beautiful silence for a while.

Today, I travel to a local Buddhist temple for the same experience. Or I sit alone, at home, not counting the minutes, just focusing on breath.

We're two weeks until Christmas, and everything is in high gear. There's lots of noise - someone is always throwing a party, music is all over, advertisers are shouting at us. I think noise is the biggest enemy of peace. I heard of…

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