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Earth Medicine, Tonics, Temple Bells, and Patience

Mama Earth here in the Northern Hemisphere is reminding us of what it’s like to feel vulnerable. The past weekend ushered in a bitterly cold blast of below-zero temperatures, ice, and snow. She lets us know from time to time who is in charge. Strong and beautiful Mother.
I did the math, and we’re just 58 days until spring. The first day of spring in New England is usually cold, and often snowing, but it IS the first day of spring. We’re headed in the right direction.
I’ve been getting by on a lot of self-care and daydreams. Leaning hard on tea medicine and cacao medicine, I put together a great cacao elixir a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been drinking every morning.

Blend raw cacao with molasses, turmeric, dates, and a dash of sea salt, then whisk all into hot oat milk for a morning tonic that warms and nourishes. I’m drinking lots of hot tea throughout the day. Other than water, which I’m drinking more of lately, cold drinks are virtually off the menu. The only two exceptions are our …

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