Lettuce celebration!

Last night, it was time. Just 22 days 'till spring, rain is falling, ice is melting, I feel my bones warming. I planted a huge tray of lettuce, chicory and lamb's lettuce in a sterile, seed starting mix. Tucked it under the grow lights, set the timer for 16 on/8 off, bottom watered, said an auspicious prayer of rebirth, and danced for joy. The season has officially begun. Within a month, there will be a giant tray of baby greens ready to go outside into our row garden. By April, we'll have greens for sandwiches and salads. You know what's great about it besides chemical-free, fresh-from-the-garden goodness? Saving the CO2 emissions that it would have taken to transport the greens from somewhere else in the world. Think about it. Thank you, Mother Earth!

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