Sweet Peas!

I really thought I’d missed the sweet peas train this year. We planted seeds in late May. Most recommend planting indoors 8 weeks before last frost, or outdoors as soon as the ice melts. But I got lazy this spring and bypassed an early planting. So, while I was sewing an all-from-seed flower bed by the side of the house (sunflowers, cosmos, zinnia, marigold, nasturtium, pink and red poppies), I made a spot for sweet peas, planted, and placed a trellis. Now, they’re blooming purple and pink! They have a lot more growing to do, but they’re in bloom. Joy! One thing, though – very little fragrance right now. Sweet peas are known for their heady fragrance. I wonder if it has anything to do with the timing of the planting. In any case, I’m delighted, and my next from-the-garden cut flower bouquet will include sweet peas! Thank you Mother Earth!

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