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Some updates from our little farm, now named Four Truths Homestead. The Four Noble Truths are regarded as the central doctrine of the Buddhist practice. These four truths explain the nature of “dukkha” (translated as "suffering"), its causes, its cessation, and the path leading to its cessation.
The four noble truths are the truth of dukkha; the truth of the origin of dukkha; the truth of the cessation of dukkha, and; the truth of the path leading to the cessation of dukkha.
So there is your lesson on basic Buddhism, and an introduction to our home.
All but a few foods are in the organic garden and growing – lettuces, kale, spinach, arugula, Italian parsley, sweet mint, carrots, logan strawberries, potatoes, cucumbers, squashes, beans, basil, tomatoes, chili peppers, nasturtium, peaches, Japanese plums, brown turkey figs, and sweet Zea corn. A late spring frost damaged the fig tree. I hope it will recover; I’ve had it with me for many, many years. The perennial herb garden is making its comeback – lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, chives, spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, and alpine strawberries.
We are waiting for the new fence to be installed. Once it is, we will add apple trees to our little orchard.
The chickens are almost full grown now, and acclimating to their outdoor coop. All sorts of little personalities there. Adventurous Luz got herself wedged between the coop and fence one night, and in the process, got completely stuck. We guess she was there, upside down and terrified, for at least 8 hours. A few more hours like that, and we might have lost her. My husband pulled her out, checked for breaks, and gave her fresh water and food. She limped for about a day and was obviously traumatized. But she’s OK now. The space between the coop and fence has been blocked. The flock of 6 is doing fine.
I have some space left for food planting, and am wondering what to put there.
We’re looking into solar energy, and have been pricing panels, possibly for the garage roof. I’d love to start a convo with anyone who has gone solar. The Sun is still free!
A local holistic health hub has offered to take me on to administer Reiki to their clients. Much as I love giving healing energy to people and animals, I’m sitting with the offer for a bit, considering how much activity is too much and the weekend time I owe to (and want to share with) my spouse.
Namaste, friends, and let’s all look forward to a blessed, bountiful summer! Thank you, Mother Earth!

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