Farewell, 2014: Summer Dreaming

Loves, this humble blog turns 8 years old in 2015. Can you believe that? SO much has happened since the beginning. I lost my beautiful brother Tommy, and my primary soulmate Daisy Sage, and my good friend Cindy; I met and married my heart; left the newspaper business after many years as an editor; moved from the Connecticut shore to this strange place near the Massachusetts line; started work in a whole new, fascinating industry; traveled here and there; welcomed a new puppy; and so much more.

Yesterday, I had my first daydream about this summer’s food garden. It’s not even January yet. (Tomorrow night at midnight, we cross over.) Here I am, already rushing winter along.

I think this year we will plant more cucumbers, and fewer heirloom tomatoes. The birds in this area just devour large tomatoes on the vine, and too many go into the compost. But they leave the small cherry and grape tomatoes alone. Plus, I love love love plucking those ripe red nibbles off the vine and eating them right there in the garden, still warm from the sun. We had plenty of cucumbers last summer, but could have used more. I made cucumber water all summer. My husband loves crunchy cucumber salad, and so do I. I put cucumbers in the smoothies. Even the dogs eat the cukes.

Green beans for sure, but I think I’m going to trellis them way up high. More cukes, fewer heirlooms, more cherry and grape, all manner of potatoes, and a wall of green beans. The carrot experiment didn’t work out so great last summer, so I’ll just buy local organic. But I want to try something altogether new this summer. I’ll take suggestions.

I can’t wait for summer, in case you didn’t notice.

Om Mani Padme Hum, peace and love!


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