Earth Dinner

Tomorrow is Earth Day, yay! My favorite holiday of the year, hands down.

Earth Day is the largest secular holiday in the world now. 

Have you read ‘Silent Spring’ yet? Please do if you haven’t. (It’s also worth a re-read.) This brilliant expose by activist Rachel Carlson was part of the genesis of Earth Day back in the 1960s.

Read below for this great idea for a celebration to honor and thank Mother Earth for all her blessings.

An Earth Dinner, where all gather around for a feast of local, seasonal and organic foods and engage in conversation about food, farming, and our kinship with the Earth sounds like heaven to me.

Go here for a dinner planner and more information about the Earth Dinner movement:

You can  request a FREE Earth Day Dinner Card Deck for Earth-conscious games to enjoy around the dinner table! Email with your request; be sure to include your postal address.

We’re going to have a husband/wife Earth Dinner tomorrow; fresh greens, whole grains, veggies, and healthy sweets. But I’m planning to host another one this summer, this time for a larger crowd.

Bless you, Mother Earth, and thank you for your protection and love.


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