Salt Lamps and Sacred Pyramids

Just wanted to show you the beautiful new salt lamp my husband brought home yesterday.

We have several salt lamps throughout the house, and apart from one perfectly round, carved one, they’re the raw, uncarved Himalayan pink salt ‘rocks’ that we’ve all seen. But I’ve never seen one carved into a flawless pyramid form, and it’s gorgeous.

Salt lamps get a bad rap from cynics who claim that their ionizing and health effects are overrated or non-existent. And I have no quantifiable evidence to prove that they’re wrong. What I do have is years of experience with salt lamps, and I can say with certainty that they heal the atmosphere of a space like nothing else.

Their soft, warm, amber light beautifies our home, supports energy conservation, and has a soothing, sedative effect on us and our animals. They also act as low-key dehumidifiers. We have two large salt lamps of varying sizes in our living room, one big one in our bedroom, and now, an amazing, large pyramid in our kitchen.

I’ve always been fascinated with the power behind the pyramid form. Pyramids have been known since antiquity for their ability to act as conductors of energy. Ancient Egyptians treated the pyramid form as a sacred shape, a kind of cosmic antenna, and buried their revered dead within and beneath them.

Modern thinking includes pyramids as aids to lucid dreaming (by helping the brain retain its theta frequency state) as well as aids in energizing, balancing, and strengthening the body. We own a handcrafted copper pyramid that I place over bowls of fruit and veggies, and trays of garden seeds in the process of germinating. Before you wonder, the answer is no – I haven’t placed it on my head. Yet.

So, I was thrilled that my husband chose a pyramid form for this wonderful gift. I’m so incredibly grateful to him for everything he does. I hope we enjoy it together for a long time, and then pass it on to someone who will also be blessed by it. If you haven’t yet brought a Himalayan salt lamp into your life, I suggest you do and find out for yourself how amazing they are.

Much love,
Barbie xo

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