Beautiful borage

Just a quick early spring gardening update: Zinnia seedlings are doing fine under the indoor grow lights, but a touch of fungus has taken a few. I’ve no idea how; all trays and containers were sterilized, and the potting mix was, of course, sterile and new. William suggested that perhaps the LIGHTS themselves need sterilization. Cilantro from seed is doing well under the lights, and chives that overwintered in the bedroom window are back, boldly! I tossed in a handful of chive seeds to help flesh out the pot. It may just stay in the pot all summer, then come back in next winter.

I planted borage this morning – 2 pots – and put it under the grow lights. I LOVE borage! Everything about it. It’s a classic herb, with pretty, purple, edible flowers that dress up summer salads. The leaves, when young, have a strong, fresh cucumber flavor – great for sandwiches and salads – and they make WONDERFUL borage water. Take a handful of young borage leaves and put in a glass pitcher. Crush them a bit, then pour spring water over. Keep in the fridge for a really refreshing, no-calorie summer drink. As the plant ages and the leaves mature, however, they become tough and hairy, so it’s best to succession-plant borage all summer, to ensure a supply of tender young leaves.

Last night, I bagged up seed starter mix with arugula seeds (bag 1), spinach seeds (bag 2), and lettuce seeds (bag 3). This weekend, I’ll spread the soil/seed mixes in three rows in the garden, press down, and water. This is an easy way to uniformly plant those teeny tiny seeds.

The geraniums survived winter indoors, and will go outside next month. Outdoors, lemon balm is coming back, crocuses are dying back, sage is lifting its head, and young oregano is giving off its inebriating fragrance. Joy!

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