Garden junk? Garden treasure!

This is a photo I pulled last week from an online gardening blog about using discarded items (what many people call “junk”) as garden implements. I LOVE this idea: An old teapot recommissioned as a hanging planter. William, an avid pottery collector, immediately donated a great blue-green Asian teapot to the project. In this photo, Christmas cactus are in the teapot, but since summer is coming, and I love nasturtiums (the flowers are yummy-peppery in salads), I planted dwarf Cherry Red and Caribbean Sun nasturtium seeds in my teapot (hot pink, orange and yellow), and it’s under the indoor grow lights now, about to germinate. Once it does, I’ll let it grow to about 6 inches long, then use an old chain to hang it next to the front door. Nasturtiums spilling out of a beautiful blue teapot all summer. Wonderful.

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