Evolution of a mango tree

So tonight, I pulled the mango pits from their peat moss baggie and potted them up. This is very exciting for me :) I LOVE mangoes (although I don't expect to see fruit from these trees); and I've always wanted to germinate mango pits. So here we are.
Photo 1: Mango pits still in baggie
Photo 2: Pits removed, washed off. You can see the roots and the shoots. Fascinating the way the seed unfurls like a ribbon.
Photo 3: Close up of one pit - see the scape coming out on top? And the tiny root system below?
Photo 4: Potted up and under the grow lights! I put both pits in; the stronger one will survive, the weaker will probably have to be culled.
Mangoes - Ya mon!

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