Mango madness

Well, I finally did it. I have started germinating a mango seed. Here's what I did: I bought a lovely, organic mango from the health food store, brought it home and let it ripen. Yesterday, I peeled it, ate the DELICIOUS fruit, then removed the seed husk. I scrubbed the husk clean with running water and a serrated knife, then put it on paper towels to dry overnight. This morning, I carefully pried open the husk to get to the adorable, cashew-shaped, dark brown seed inside. I am using the peat moss method. Fill a one-quart plastic bag with moist peat moss, then tie the top tightly. Place it on a warm surface (in this case, on top of one of the light banks in the indoor garden room, where it will stay very warm), and check every few days. Within a couple of weeks, the seed should sprout roots and a scape. Then, I'll plant it up and put it outside for summer. Will I ever see a mango on it? Who knows? But it will make the most interesting houseplant at least. Mango madness!

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