Watermelon Love

There’s just something about the amazingly vibrant red, white, and green hues of a Crimson Sweet watermelon that sets my heart to dancing. The colors! The sweetness! The crunch! I just love summer watermelon. We grew, with marginal success, Crimson Sweet in our garden this year (see photo above). It just wasn't a big year for home-grown watermelon. Still, I got to make my FAV watermelon, feta and mint salad for dinner a few times, and for that I’m grateful. Autumn has barely arrived and already I’m longing for, and dreaming of, the fresh veggies and sweet melons of summer (which is a mere 245 days away). Memories. As a side note, and to anyone who wants to send me bouquets of flowers, I also love the marriage of the colors bright pink and popsicle orange. Just sayin’.

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