I Love Green

Ordered fresh organic, GMO-free seeds for the spring greens garden. My absolute brand favorite – Franchi, an Italian import – is offering a variety of organic, GMO-free seeds. Franchi seeds have a near-100 percent germination rate, far better than any other seed. The spring greens garden I started last weekend features last year’s Franchi seeds – all perfectly viable. The germination rate may have dropped to 90 percent or so – still better than any other. Anyway, I ordered organic, GMO-free classic Italian basil, Galega kale, spinach, lettuces (green salad bowl and Regina d’estate), dandelion, Napoli Italian parsley, and cultivated arugula. Get Franchi seeds at http://www.growitalian.com/. If you need me love, I’ll be waiting by the mailbox. Thank you, Mother Earth!

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