A wild and wonderful thing happened last night.

After the day’s work, after dinner with my husband, and after tending the vegetable gardens, I wandered into the chicken coop to check on the girls. One, Soto Zen, was already in from the outdoor run and roosting for the night. I gathered her up, sat down, and held her close to my belly for a long while.

She loves this, and so do I. But after a while, I thought I was hearing things. Instead of the sweet, gentle little warble that chickens make when they’re feeling groovy, a resonant, dazzling, dark-into-brightness (for lack of a better way with words) ‘OM’ started bubbling up from her throat. An unyielding ‘OOOOMMMMMMM’. It was the most amazing sound I have ever heard. Ever.

My husband came along, sat across from us, leaned in, and listened. And the three of us sat still in ‘OM’ for a long while. I couldn’t say how long.

I have been blessed.

Chickens meditate.


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