Desmond Hague, Animal Abuser

Namaste Friends:

This is certainly a departure from the garden blog posts.

In case you didn't know, Centerplate CEO and Connecticut resident Desmond Hague was recently caught on an elevator camera in Vancouver, B.C., kicking and leash-hanging a puppy. One-year-old Sade, under his care, was found days later, without food or water, and soaked in her own urine.

This most despicable conduct should not escape our awareness, or our response. A man of such privilege should be paying it forward every day of his life, not beating puppies behind closed doors.

Below is a link to a petition to have Hague removed from his position at Centerplate.

I believe, after giving this much thought, that his expulsion from power is fit form of justice. For some, it is hardly enough. At times, I feel the same way. 

But let's start with this.


Please sign this petition to have animal abuser Desmond Hague removed from his position at Centerplate:

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