Flower Gardens, Boating Dreams, and Smoothie Bowls

The flower seeds arrived! I ordered from Franchi as usual. Two large packets of a multi-color, tall sunflower variety, two large packets of giant zinnias, one large packet of orange and yellow nasturtium, and two large packets of pink, red, and white cosmos.

I’m aiming for a lot of flowers this year. We usually focus on food production, with a few flowers in the front garden for cutting. Last year’s new cutting garden didn’t really explode with flowers (that was mainly because I used older seeds there). I have a new spot, adjacent to the food gardens that I’m going to try. And I’ll also plant lots on the front garden. I love, love, love cutting flowers for arrangements. What’s better in summer than a vase, ball jar, or pitcher full of fresh garden flowers? Not much. And the flowers bring the beautiful bees, who pollinate the food garden.

We’re getting close to the end of bird feeding season. In a month, I’ll take the big feeder down. A little part of me always feels bad about it. But there is enough food for the birds once the Earth warms up. I just bought a 50-pound bag of black sunflower seeds. Let’s see if the birds can finish it up before it’s time to stop.

This weekend, I’m going to make my first smoothie bowl. A smoothie bowl is basically a thick smoothie in a bowl, topped with your choice of healthful crunchies. I’ve been reading about this latest food trend. I have an idea for a banana/strawberry bowl with almonds, coconut, and cacao. In summer, I definitely want to try a watermelon-based smoothie bowl. Cold, sweet watermelon is the food of the Brahmas!

My husband is scouting around for a small, used ocean boat for us. We both love the ocean, and dream of lives (or at least weekends) on the water. I hope he’s successful in finding something that would hold us and the dogs, is turnkey ready, and affordable. I worry about debt, while he dreams of being a boat captain. It’s a funny relationship. But I won’t lie: it would be amazing to spend weekends this summer on the beach and in the boat. With some fresh garden flowers perched on the bow.


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