Spring Garden Update, and a New Boat for Us!

March is winding down. In a few days, April will be here, and it will be time to start cucumber and green bean seedlings. 

We have plenty of greens coming up (they’re in the microgreens stage now), and by May, there should be enough for cooking, salads, and juicing. I planted more yellow pansies around the outdoor Buddha shrine. I started seven pots of parsley seeds in the house, and they’re up. 

Outdoors, the big pot of parsley has been discovered by a chipmunk, who has been nibbling away. There’s not much we can do about that. Poor little guy is hungry after a long winter.

My husband and I now own a 17 foot, 140 horsepower, Sea Ray sport boat that seats 6. It’s a used boat that has been around a long time but immaculately kept, and even though we had to borrow from Peter to pay Paul to buy it, I’m really thrilled. It’s already registered and insured, is parked at our house and is ocean ready.

We’re both taking the Connecticut boater safety course in April, and getting our watercraft certifications. Once we have those in hand, we’re heading to the shoreline.

My husband and I love the water, the beach, the ocean, the salt spray, the sun, the wind, and the rhythm of life at the water. Give me sand, seashells, tan lines, uncluttered views of the horizon, beach roses, and bleached hair. 

After years of sitting on the docks together at Mystic marina and Charlestown and watching the boats go by and wishing we were among them, this summer, at last, we will be. And so will our amazing dogs. So grateful.


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