Earthing, and the Newest Vegan Automobiles from Tesla

So this morning, without even wondering why, I plugged in to my earthing wristband for the first time since last spring.

The notion to do so did not come from my linear, thinking left hemisphere. I simply saw the orange wristband and put it on. Hours later, I realized why: it’s November 18, and I haven’t stood barefoot on Mother Earth in months.

The body doesn’t lie. The earthing band that has been sitting at the same spot for 6 months, unused and unnoticed by me, suddenly catches my eye. I slip it on. The intuitive right brain told me what I needed to do. Love that brain.

Today, two more baby Basjoo banana trees are scheduled to be delivered to the house. It’s been decided that we’ll plant a tight cluster of them in June, and hopefully, enjoy a thick bank of these beauties all summer long.

I just read that electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors is offering an all-vegan car. Don’t laugh. I love the idea. An efficient and economical SUV-type vehicle that’s green, that I can charge free at their super charger stations, with 100 percent vegan, agribusiness-hostile, non-leather interiors, that are simple in design, with no bells and whistles. The best sustainable transport option available now, and the designs are always improving. I’m in.

My gas-powered car is a 13-year-old Toyota, and it’s still running nicely. I have no interest in getting a new car if the one I own gets me where I need to go. There is absolutely no part of my ego attached to my ride. I don’t care how it looks or sounds. The plan is to drive it until it gives up the ghost absolutely. When that day comes, I’ll be checking out the Tesla line.

Our one and only planet approves.

Live in peace.

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