Election Day 2016

It’s Election Day! Taking post-poll selfies has become obligatory. Go Johnson/Weld!

This has been one hairy presidential race. This morning, at the polls, after voting, I mentioned that I was glad that it’s nearly over. Someone nearby responded that it’s just begun. I have an idea of what he meant, but I hope he’s wrong.

One of the Lima Lapaz cybister amaryllis I had delivered last week sprouted two scapes overnight, before I had a chance to plant it. I hate it when that happens. So I potted it up last night. Let’s hope it hasn’t been compromised. I really want this beauty to go for years.

Think I’m coming down with a cold. The achiness, headache, and weakness that precede my colds beset me yesterday, and today, my throat is also a bit sore. I don’t do colds well. I generally whine a lot and feel sorry for myself. This is what happens as soon as the sun stands down for winter. We need that solar Vitamin D, y’all.

Get to the polls, people. And don’t let anyone convince you that a third-party vote is a wasted vote. That’s pure rubbish.

Live in peace.

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