A New Sprouting Tray From Santa

Santa is bringing me (I hope) a large sprouting tray. Our jar sprouter has been great through the years, but more is being eaten than the jar can produce. The sprouting tray I chose is as big as a small tabletop and comes with a bottom drainer and a cover. 

I love our usual clover and broccoli sprouts, but I also want to try hot and spicy sprouts like mustard. So I hope Santa includes a big bag of organic yellow mustard and red radish sprouting seeds. Maybe Santa is reading this...

We must be getting close to January, because my cravings for tropical fruit are officially off the chart. I always prefer tropical fruit: give me liliquoi over apples any day. Tropical fruit just feels better in my stomach and leaves me feeling more satisfied.

But by the time January rolls around, my body is yearning for obscene amounts of tropical fruit. This is the time of year when I dream obsessively of living in Hawaii, in a modest bungalow, near the ocean, with fruit trees in the yard, lizards on the patio, and wearing little clothing and no makeup. This is my vision of heaven.

Since it's Friday and about 20 degrees outside, I'm sipping an insanely delicious soy milk hot chocolate with a peppermint stick in it. I frothed it up with the milk frother. It's amazing. 

Fantasies about Hawaii and Bali, or Thailand, or even southern California, are what gets me through a Connecticut winter. I’ll be at the beach in my mind if you need me.

Live in peace.

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