Solstice Time and ‘Minimalism’: The Movie

Today, we celebrate the Solstice! Our journey around the sun now takes a happier course: we start moving closer to the sun. It may be 25 degrees outside this morning and feel nothing like a return to spring, but we’re on our way. The days now begin to lengthen, and unseen by us, trees and plants all around begin to stir.

Check out the new documentary on Netflix called ‘Minimalism’. The Minimalists is a group of activists who say that He Who Dies with the Most Toys does not win. They’re spreading the word that less is more and that spending and consumption is a dead-end street.

I did some amateur online research on American spending habits. Turns out that our spending and consumption reached historic proportions sometime in the mid-1990s and has since continued to grow. We are spending record amounts of money that we don’t have for things we don’t need. We’re making corporations obscenely rich while burying ourselves in debt.

There is a template of the American dream out there, and it’s based on the idea that the more I own, the happier I’ll be. So, we spend our lives on the hunt; the latest version of a cell phone, the current fast fashion, the newest SUV, the 4,500 square-foot house, the quartz countertops, the 2.4 children, the 60-inch flat screen TV, the timeshare, the inground pool, the designer handbag. Happiness is always just around the next corner, and buying the next thing will get us there.

I’ve been thinking about minimalism a lot, and not as a lifestyle change, but as a return to the soul of existence. Imagine living free of clutter, debt, and an uninspiring job that erodes time, energy, and creativity. Imagine being able to pick up and go with few concerns and no attachments. Imagine not paying interest or annual fees to creditors. Imagine having a small, modest, paid-for home and a good night’s sleep. Imagine walking and biking, connecting honestly with others, doing work you love or just not working at all, and not worrying about keeping up or fitting in.

Imagine stepping out of the Matrix.

Check it out:

Live in peace.

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