Rava Umpa for Breakfast

Going vegan changes the landscape of food in ways I never imagined. Breakfast when I was vegetarian was either non-existent, or orbited around a cereal (like granola), fruit, some kind of porridge, bread, or toast. Traditional ‘breakfasty’ foods, minus the meat.

Rava upma is a common breakfast in India. Simply put, it’s a bowl of cooked lentils or semolina, spices, fresh vegetables, and shredded coconut. It’s higher in carbs, and low in fat. It fuels you up for many hours, is free from animal products, and is yummy. It’s become one of my favorite meals. Sometimes, I’ll slice a fresh mango or banana over the top.

I encourage anyone, vegan or not, to give Indian breakfast foods a try. They are complete and balanced meals, free of the sugar and trans fats that permeate American breakfast foods. And they are so satisfying. In winter, they’re warming: in summer, they’re cooling.

This morning’s breakfast was homemade hummus and blue corn chips. Lots of protein and fiber there. I make hummus with plenty of garlic. In summer, I add our garden parsley and basil too. Not an Indian dish, but quintessentially vegan, and it feeds the soul a lot better than a fast food or coffee shop breakfast sandwich.

Live in peace.

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