Wheatgrass Shots, Rumi, and a Cat Named Mango

A new flat of wheatgrass sprouting in our kitchen.

Mango Brown!

I took a photo of the new flat of wheatgrass we have sprouting in the kitchen. I can never get over how fast wheatberries germinate and grow into lush, green spreads of healthful food. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated, it doesn’t go sour, it needs nothing but a little water, and if you cut it back for juice or an addition to smoothies, nine times out of ten it grows back once.

Any health food store carries hard red winter wheatberries in the bin section for about $2 a pound. This is a great bargain considering the price of organic, dried wheatgrass powder. Even the best quality powder won’t contain as much vital vitamins A, B6, C, E, K, and potassium, iron, copper, zinc, niacin, thiamin, and protein as fresh grass.

Soak your wheatberries in warm water overnight, then plant in a tray with a little soil. You want a generous layer of soaked wheatberries for a really dense carpet of wheatgrass. A thin layer of soil will do. Keep it watered and near a bright window, where the light will jumpstart chlorophyll production. It’s ready to harvest when about 6 inches tall. This only takes about a week. When you’ve used up all your wheatgrass, compost the soil, which will be thick with roots. Start a new tray with fresh soil.

I’m not going to lie about the flavor. It’s not great. But barley grass is even worse (I stick to barley grass juice powder). Plus, if you take your wheatgrass in shots, it’s not so bad. Adding wheatgrass to a smoothie can only boost nutrient content, but I think the way to go is to juice your wheatgrass, then slam it down.

If you’re really feeling like you need a boost of vitamin A, add some Hawaiian spirulina to your wheatgrass juice. Again, it won’t taste like candy. Hold your breath and slug it.

It’s January 20th, and we’ve settled into the gray days of winter. It’s been remarkably mild, but I’m feeling the sun’s absence in a big way. My summer tan is all gone. Those great blonde highlights in my hair have grown out. The boat is wrapped up, the kayak is gathering dust, and our garden parsley finally died.

I’ve been wearing jeans, boots and long sleeves for months. The ground is too cold to go earthing. My feet miss the ground and the air. All our fruit and veggies come from the market, not the garden. I’m feeling sorry for myself. Blech.

This is utterly trivial, but I’m going to throw it out there. There’s an account on Instagram that I’ve fallen in love with. Check out @justmangobrown. Mango Brown is a Bengal cat whose guardians just love him to pieces. It’s so inspiring to watch their vids. Mango loves them, and they love Mango. I’ve never seen such a loving bond between humans and cat.

I’m allergic to cats. I just hate that I can’t enjoy them. But I get real satisfaction from watching Mango and his Dad and Mom – especially his Dad, who is so wild about him – talk to each other, cuddle, touch, kiss, go for walks, hang out at the beach, share food, and just connect. They even went to Disneyland together.

Have you ever read the poetry of Rumi? It’s exquisite love poetry. Rumi often wrote of the ‘Beloved’, as meaning not one object of desire, but as the whole of creation. The depths of his spiritual vision extend beyond romantic or familial love. Everything is included. 

His writings provide testimony that global peace and harmony could be attained if we were to see everyone – human, animal, insect, and planet – as the Beloved. How can you harm any, when all are loved?

When I watch Mango’s Dad sing to him, it’s easy to see that Dad is singing to the universal Beloved. That’s what touches me. And the fact that Mango is a furball of unyielding cuteness doesn’t hurt.

While you’re on Instagram, check me out at @barbiezendog. I don’t have any amazing cats to post about, but you can get a taste of Buddhism, adorable dogs, great books, yoga, some memes, ginger beer, Godzilla (I/m a big fan), mangos, vegan hauls, kefir, kombucha, hippie clothes, garden reports, our times on the boat, travel, food, tea, and flowers. All good things.

Live in peace.

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