Homeodynamics and the Science of Energy Healing

Wow, so much to tell! And yet, this is going to be a short post.

A torn meniscus in my left knee is healing. This was some real pain. Good news: it’s on the mend. Bad news: there will be no winter sports this season. Exciting news: I declined the suggestion of painkillers for this, and instead, have been relying on my heart – the guidance system of the body – for healing. 

Spiritual masters have been saying it for centuries – energy healing and touch healing ministers to all the levels of our beings. Pills and prescriptions can only change the chemistry of the tissues. There’s a big difference.

Energy is primary in shaping our health. There are hundreds of modalities for healing other than the allopathic model of the family doctor or mainstream specialist. To date, there are at least 150 excellent, gold standard, double-blind, randomized scientific studies on the human biofield that have shown, again and again, that holistic healing does more to restore health than anything a pharmacist can sell you.

Yes, there is a place for prescriptions, when the illness is as straightforward as a sinus infection that needs fast relief. But a damaged knee is a complicated thing. Even the orthopedic surgeon I saw admitted that, armed with only x-rays of my knee, she can at best just guess what’s going on and how to treat it. She ordered 8 weeks – 16 sessions - of physical therapy, with the hope that it would fix the problem.

But my health insurance provider only approved 6 sessions -  less than half. The state of health care in this country is abysmal. A doctor prescribes treatment, and a health insurance carrier sandbags it. So, I decided to learn and understand what’s best for me, and direct my attention to the mind as well as the body.

I’ve been using self-administered Reiki daily, as well as meditating each night, in addition to my regular morning meditations. I've been doing morning knee massages with good old Tiger Balm. I’ve been giving myself lots of love, and receiving and accepting it from others. I’ve been keeping a positive mindset, drinking a lot of tea, eating pretty clean, and resting.

The results have been great. I’m nearly pain-free this morning. My knee is healing nicely. There will be no surgery, and I haven’t swallowed a single pill.

Where mind goes, energy flows, and blood and flesh follow. Instead of grappling with the health care industry – the refusal of treatment by a health insurance carrier, the cluelessness of doctors – I turned my attention inwards. There, I found a symphony of different frequencies – bioelectricity, magnetic energy, and even infrared and visible light – that I could minister to in order to heal.

Between this experience and the meditation experience in the emergency room last November that I wrote about a while ago, I plan to write something lengthy on homeodynamics and get it published. I’m a ‘show me, don’t tell me’ person. The past couple of months have shown me something amazing about the body. I want to give voice to this. Stay tuned.

Barbie xo

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