It may not be much to look at, but kohlrabi is a DELICIOUS, sweet vegetable that a friend in Clinton introduced me to last year. Eaten raw, it's SO crisp and tasty! So of course, I have a patch of "rabi" going in the garden now (started from seed about 2 months ago). Hard to tell how long until it's ready, but it's growing just fine. It's supposed to get HOT starting tomorrow (YAY!) so I predict the vegetable garden is about to take off.
On another note, my latest gardening column in the shoreline newspaper generated LOTS of unexpected responses. Question: how to keep deer away from your vegetables? There's only one way really, and that's a tall (at least 8 feet) and sturdy fence. If you're lucky enough to have a handy husband, implore him to build one for you (but don't forget the principle of KARMA - offer him something nice in return, like a big filet mignon cooked over a fire, long massages with fragrant oils, his favorite "whatever," etc., etc.) and your vegetable garden will be safe. If you're husband-less like me, do what I do - plant extra food for the deer, bless them and send them on their way! Deer have to eat too!

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