7,077 Mile Away Potatoes, or Garden-Fresh Spuds?

HG (home grown) potatoes eclipse store-bought, are pesticide and GMO-free, and are so easy to grow. Last night (April 3), I started the simple process. I took 3 bags of organic, seed-potato-certified beauties and cut them up in all the right places. They will rest in this bowl for 3 days, where the cut ends will develop necessary scabs (helps to keep out disease and fungus once they go into the earth). Then, they will be planted in shallow trenches in the vegetable garden, where they will be earthed-up every month or so. That’s it. 

By summer’s end, we will be hauling fresh russet, Yukon gold and red potatoes from the soil. Stored in the root cellar, they will keep all winter. Garden-fresh potatoes are crisp and sweet. Loaded with fiber and potassium, B6, copper, B3, Vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, and pantothenic acid.

Did you know that CHINA is the biggest producer of commercially-grown potatoes for the American food consumer market? China. Not Idaho.

China is 7,077 miles from our house in East Granby. That’s a long, long way for a potato to travel – pesticide-ridden (some Chlorpropham with your potato?), and also sprayed with hormone disruptors to inhibit (potato eye) growth. Think about that for a second. By the time you buy them, bring them home, and cook them, your potatoes are bereft of any nutritional value. Plus they have been sprayed with up to 17 pesticides and hormone inhibitors. YUCK.

Our garden is always heavy with HG potatoes. Thank you, Mother Earth!

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