Bubble Tea, and Days Until Spring

I’m a sucker for food fads. The latest? Bubble tea, a drink reportedly dreamed up in Taiwan in the 1980s.

It’s tea-based, which makes it yummy from the get-go. I use my favorite tea, Numi organic Pu-erh (say ‘POO-air’), organic half-and half, and demerara sugar. I like my hot tea rich and slightly sweet.

The fun – and chewy – part of bubble tea is the addition of boba – an Asian tapioca (in the native tongue, ‘boba’ means ‘big breasts’). This is a large pearl tapioca that happens to be a rich black in color.

So bubble tea looks like tea with, say, caviar. But it tastes much better than that would.

Boba can be found at Asian grocers and online. Bubble tea is fun to make and the combination of sweetened hot tea and chewy tapioca is really NOM NOM NOM.

Is it beneficial eating? Yes, pu-erh is a tea long considered to have many healing properties, and for that reason, many types of pu-erh are coveted and very expensive. Numi is a good average-grade pu-erh in bags. When finances allow, I treat myself to the pricey pu-erh brick.

On the subject of black tea, I’m considered growing it in this summer’s garden. If anyone knows of an organic seed source, please let me  know.

Here is a simple bubble tea recipe that I’ve been using:


50 days until spring, my loves. Namaste.


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