Om Ah Hung, Organic Seeds, and Prayers for an Untroubled World

Our homestead's new symbol of peace

Om Ah Hung

The spring garden seeds have arrived!

I may be rushing winter, but…I just got delivery of the seeds for the 2015 spring greens garden! Two kinds of lettuce, kale, and flat-leaf parsley. They arrived in the post Friday; I just sat and held them for the longest time.

Growing from seeds is budget-conscious and easy, plus it lets you control source. Fledgling plants bought at the nursery or market come from God-knows-where, grown under questionable conditions. With a hearty side dose of pesticides and fungicides. No, thank you.

I grow Franchi Italian seeds (, a great organic cultivar imported from Italy with an almost 100 percent germination rate. The plant quality is virtuoso, better than anything I’ve seen. I had Franchi greens growing all through summer last year, despite the heat. My husband and I were eating fresh lettuces and kale well into October.

Seeds of Change is also a great source for 100% certified organic seeds (

Grow your own organic foods, beloved. You will help in protecting water quality, preventing soil erosion, promoting biodiversity, and keeping chemicals off your plate. Mono-cropping is bad for us and the Earth.

The average child today, fed on a non-organic diet, receives an estimated four times more exposure than an adult to at least 80 widely used cancer causing pesticides.

Grow organic. Grow your own.

At home, the place that last year we christened Four Truths Homestead, we have taken down the Christmas glitter and hung our new symbol of peace at the front of the house, a twig-and-branch symbol of harmonic brilliance. I got it on the cheap at Garden of Light natural foods in Avon. Garden of Light is my source for veggies and other good stuff in winter.

Peace, please. With recent events in Paris and throughout Europe, Nigeria, and the Middle East, we are praying fervently to an end to this wretched violence. Namaste; send them the green angel light ray - green is the healing light.

So OK, it’s only January. But these cold-hardy greens seeds are going into the ground in March, just two months away. That marks the beginning of the growing season, and the resurrection of this winter-weary soul. 

Om ah hung: mind, speech, body of Buddha.
May we continuously abide in peace in all our activities.


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