Earth Song

Figures I would pick the absolute dead of winter to become a disciple of primal barefooting, earthing/grounding. The two or so feet of snow on the ground is making this a challenge. While it is fine to wear grounded shoes and sandals when bare feet are not an option, the best is always barefoot.

Until spring, I’ll have to make do with fewer of Earth’s healing, free electrons – its EMF field, also called the ‘Schumann Resonance’, the 7.83 Hz that lives between the Earth’s crust and the inner part of our ionosphere, about 34 miles up (

As part of grounding and mental stimulation, I listen to Pure Tone 7.83 Hz during the work day (you can find a good, clear recording on YouTube,
As winter still lingers, I’ve tapped into earthing shoe source Juil, and Nomadic State of Mind, great-quality conductive rope shoes and sandals. Go to

The documentary ‘Grounded’ is a great testimonial to the myriad benefits of earthing. An advocate brings earthing to his hometown in Alaska and documents the results. Impressive stuff happens.

A great resource for earthing mats, literature, and bed sheets is A starter kit is not too pricey and comes with the basics – a conductive half-sheet and a grounding mat for home or office.

Since we spend about 8 hours a night every night in bed, I do want my husband and I to be grounded during those hours, so I may invest in a conductive sheet.

But the bottom line is that you can reap the benefits of earthing by keeping your wallet closed and just walking barefoot (asphalt doesn’t count) an hour or so a day. Even a half-hour. Obviously, the longer you’re connected the better, but as a minimum, this works just fine. Come spring and summer, this will be no problem. I’ll be barefooting everywhere, carrying a pair of Juils or Nomads for when shoes are required.

Feeling doubtful about all this? That’s OK. Remind yourself how much better you feel after a long, barefoot walk on the beach, or a day barefoot in the grass. That good feeling is not your imagination. Keep your mind supple and your options open; this is the path to all kinds of enlightenment.

You can start by just taking off your shoes. Peace.

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