Padding barefoot through the garden in summer is definitely on my list of Some of The Best Things in Life. Barefoot anywhere, anytime is the just the greatest. Not much feels as good as the soil against your soles. Have you ever noticed that?

It’s called Earthing.

Earthing – the emerging science of simple barefoot travel – is on everyone’s bandwidth these days, and for what I believe is good reason. Going shoeless, in case you’ve never noticed, feels great. As soon as your shoes come off, you want to run, dance, and skip. You feel energized and liberated. You want to make love, jump in the water, hug a stranger, and commit random acts of kindness.

Why does it feel this good to be shoe-free? Research poses that when you are in direct contact with the ground, Mother Earth’s negative electrical potential is conducted into your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential. It brings you back to the right frequency. Conductive contact with the Earth, called ‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’, is beneficial to your physical, electrophysiological, and emotional health, and is completely safe.

When we were children, we were all Earthing. Running barefoot through the grass was as natural as breathing. Then, we grew up, went to school, started careers, and took mortgages. And those poor little feet were tucked inside dark, airless shoes and kept there, forgetting their connection with the Earth. And each other.

But for some of us, Earthing is still second nature. In summer, I’m barefoot everywhere I can be. In places where I can’t (market, restaurant, coffee house), I always have my Earthing sandals in my purse, ready to slip on.

Juil (http://www.juil.comis my Earthing shoe brand. The prices are right and the connectors are spot on. It’s the best footwear when you have to wear footwear. My go-to pair of Juil sandals are old and deeply loved. My husband said last summer that it is high time for a new pair. Maybe this summer.

By the way, sitting and lying on the Earth is just as good as standing on it. Here’s to planting this year’s spring greens garden barefoot and bare skinned in the sun!


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