Fermentation Homestead

NOM NOM fresh, homemade kefir with banana and honey for breakfast.

GT organic raw is a good brand for starting your own scoby. Use the plain ‘buch to make the scoby. You can add fresh raw ginger or other flavorings when you’re making your own batches. And use fresh spring water in your brew.

Hello Loves,

Yay for kefir! On all counts, we’ve gone crazy for homemade kefir. Homemade milk kefir is great, and we’ve started experimenting with water kefir and coconut water kefir.

Kefir making is so easy, much easier than yogurt, and the outcome is even better. Substantially more fresh, live probiotics. There is nothing better, probiotic-wise, than a glass of fresh, twice-fermented kefir in your tummy. It’s super for your GI system.

I’ve even seen improvements to my skin (all over). Before my latest moon cycle, I had significantly fewer breakouts (my period has always brought on breakouts, starting about a week before it starts, and ending the day it begins). This past cycle was different. That alone is something to notice.

And…yay for kombucha! 

We’re growing our first kombucha scoby! Using GT organic, raw kombucha as a starter, I mixed one cup of brewed black organic tea and ½ cup sugar, let it cool to room temp, and then added the commercial kombucha. It’s resting in a large jar in warm, dark place. 

In about a month, we should have a nice large mushroom to use for brewing our own ‘buch. It’s fermentation madness at the homestead! Yay for beneficial bacteria and yeasts and the good things they do for your body!


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