Just want to send out some goodness and gratitude today. There’s much to be grateful for. 

Our food and flower gardens are flourishing; we are eating fresh squash, Japanese eggplant, greens, and herbs every day. Tomatoes are about to ripen, the peaches are fattening up, the green and red peppers are babies now but not for long, we already have cucumbers, ancho peppers are hanging heavy on their plants, and there are flowers all over the string  bean plants. The experiment in planting early has been a success. We are giving bags of fresh garden food to neighbors and work colleagues.

I’m eating fresh salads of lettuce, arugula, basil, spearmint, and dandelion greens for lunch every day now, picked from our garden. The tomatillos were strategically placed to serve as a sunscreen for the tender lettuce, and it’s working. The lettuce bed is thriving.

My wonderful husband and I are leaving for Kennebunkport on the beautiful Maine coast soon for some rest and relaxation. Both our dogs are thriving (young Lily has been with us for one year as of yesterday). The weather is warm, with some evening thunderstorms, which we both love. We had a fun Fourth of July weekend.

We must make good use of this life for the time that we have left. This brief flash of light, like the sun appearing through the clouds. – Kalu Rinpoche

So grateful.


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