Rose Rugosa

Rosa Rugosa – the beach rose – is everywhere you go when you’re near the ocean. It’s super hardy, and when left to its own devices, grows to magnificent sizes. I have such wonderful memories of days at the beach and all those beach roses in my line of sight.

When my husband and I were in gorgeous Kennebunkport, Maine last week, we spent days relaxing on the beach, munching fried clams, shopping at quirky little boutiques, hitting the local coffee shops, and everywhere we went, there were the beautiful beach roses.

So while we were there, I bought a beach rose bush. I chose the dark pink variety, which for me has always been reminiscent of every trip to the ocean I have ever taken. I’m so thrilled to finally have one.

We’re still deciding where to plant it. I just want it where I can see it all the time. It’s such a vigorous rose; all it really needs is lots of sun. I’ve given it a good feeding, and placed it in a sunny spot until we can agree where to plant it. 

I hope-hope-hope it does well. I don’t think there is a plant in the world that brings me to my happy place more effectively than the beach rose.

Namu Amida Butsu

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