A Little Credence, and Some Apricot Trees

Now, Credence Clearwater Revival is a bit before my time, but I love the music of the 60s and 70s. I love it as if I was listening to it then. Everyone was turned on: all kinds of awakenings were happening everywhere, the ripples of which we feel everywhere today. I don’t wish myself older, but sometimes I wish I had been a young person during those years.

Last night, as I was watering the potted garden, my husband came outside with his phone in hand and Pandora on, with the Credence song ‘Run Through the Jungle’ at top volume. We danced, and some of the neighbors watched. I love it when that happens. One of our neighbors yelled, “You two are having too much fun!” Awesome times.

Did you know that ‘Run Through the Jungle’ is not about the Vietnam War? It was in fact about the glut of gun ownership in America in 1970: it spoke to fears about an out-of-control society where everyone, sane and insane, registered and not registered, moral and immoral, owned a firearm.

Times haven’t changed much at all. Look back just a bit in history and you’ll find people grappling with the same old problems. Guns have been around in proliferation for a long time. There’s nothing new going on out there. We’re still addicted to power. We still lack compassion. We still need to be saved.

I got a new follower on Instagram, and I love her page. She germinates lemon seeds like me! But she also germinates apricot seeds, and that’s given me an idea. Not to be outdone, guess who’s buying organic apricots this afternoon?

Trying to get someone to join me for the Carmel, N.Y. temple trip in August. I’ll go with just the Buddhist Faith Fellowship group, but I wouldn’t mind introducing a friend to the beauty of that place.

Live in peace.

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