Stay By the Light, and More Squash Than We Can Handle

The summer squash is coming in full bore now. We carried in about 10 squash last night alone: tonight, there will be several more to pick. This means we’re already going to be giving away garden food this weekend. My husband loves summer squash, but I only like it. And as much as he loves it, he tires of it soon enough. So both our mothers and a few neighbors will be getting fresh squash in a day or two.

Last night, I picked our first giant green bell pepper! It’s so pretty I took a photo. But I’m giving it to my mom this weekend. She spends all winter and spring looking forward to the garden food, and she’s my mom, so she gets first pickings. There are lots more bell peppers coming in behind it. My mother-in-law will also get some of her favorite - green beans - on Sunday. Both mothers will get hands full of garden basil and parsley.

Last night for dinner we made a groovy garden-to-table meal of pasta and olive oil combined with our just-picked garden summer squash, spinach, garlic, and basil. It was light and smooth, but completely satisfying.

The Meyer lemon tree has made a complete recovery, and I even gave it some diluted fish emulsion last night. But I’m going easy on the nitrogen for a while. A little homemade magnesium and sulfur foliar spray next week may prompt it to produce flowers, then lemons. I think this little tree knows how much I love it.

Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of my Daisy’s death. It was a sad, rough day. But today is the 2-year anniversary of the arrival of our Lily Dawa. My husband knew best when he spent that painful day searching across the state for a puppy to bring home. It seemed weird and awkward – even wrong - to welcome this new girl into our lives just one day after the most horrible event – the sudden death of beautiful Daisy.

But Lily gave me reasons to keep going. She has my heart completely now, and although Daisy will always be the crown jewel, my primary soul mate, I can’t imagine life without Lily. It’s funny how things evolve. And I know that Daisy and I will be reunited, someday, somehow, somewhere down the line.

Stay by the light, my beautiful, bouncing baby girl. Someday, you’ll light the way for me.

Live in peace.

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