Read it! The World Peace Diet

 My current read and one of the best books in a long time. I recommend this one with my whole heart

Weekend dinner: an amazing Buddha bowl of brown rice, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and cold avocado 

A big armful of our fresh garden kale!

It was a wonderfully uneventful weekend. We did a lot of garden clean up. Late July is when weeds and such start getting out of hand. If we don’t get it under control now, August will be about bushwhacking through jungle-like veggie beds. Not good.

We also did a lot of cooking. I ate more kale this weekend than I’ve had in 6 months. The kale bed is like a forest, and I don’t want any of it to go to waste. I made several amazing vegan meals starring our own garden food. There’s something magical about picking your food and preparing a meal with it five minutes later. The vitality, taste, and nutrition is all there.

All the mangoes ripened up at once, so I was downing a lot of mango smoothies. One mango-lime, one mango-strawberry, one mango-banana, and a mango-PB Fit, which was yummy in spite of how it sounds. Speaking of mangoes, our mango trees are doing great. 

I’m so hopeful that they’ll stay that way and survive winter indoors. The big lemon tree has completely recovered from the nitrogen burn. The baby lemon trees are slowly developing.

I started a book that’s turning out to be the best read I’ve had in a long time. Will Tuttle’s The World Peace Diet is not only affirming all the reasons I went vegan, it’s introducing more facts that I never imagined existed and ideas that never crossed my mind. It’s a big book with lots of short, potent chapters. Each chapter is a little enlightenment.

It’s thrilling to find a book that teaches so profoundly. I would recommend this book to anyone who eats food. It’s not just a manifesto for vegans, no. It’s like a wake-up call, a shot of brain adrenaline that makes you say, “My God, I never realized that. How could I have never realized that?’ 

And unless you’re in complete and utter denial, which many are – not necessarily through their own fault - you have to respond. Please read this one.

Live in peace.

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