Mango Run

There is no such thing as too many mangos. Nah-uh.

I’m going to slap myself pretty hard later today for writing this, but it’s the truth: I’m actually getting a bit into this autumn thing.

Today, my husband and I set a date for our drive to Vermont, and I started thinking about a steamy, frothy maple soymilk at Moon Dog Café. Then I considered visits to the Vermont Zen Center or the Milarepa Center. I dwelled for a minute on the awesome new purple vegan beanie I bought off season, which keeps my head warm and feels super soft on my ears. And it looks very cool.

Then I remembered fresh apples and Vermont dark amber maple syrup. I slowly started to feel cozy and drowsy and warm. A feeling of pleasure. Pleasure at the thought of cool weather. Yikes.

In an effort to shake this disturbing feeling, I’m heading to the local organic grocery in a few to get the week’s supply of mangoes. I think the market owners see me coming every time. Carrying at least three or four large hemp string bags, every week I raid the mangos and leave the store with anywhere between 10 and 20, depending on their price.

I also grab a couple of handsful of bananas and a pineapple. Fruit. That’s about it. I usually wipe out their mango supply. I keep asking them to get coconut cream mangoes, a sweet, creamy, no-fiber variety I had in Jamaica that was out of this world. Although flying back to Jamaica to eat them once again doesn’t sound like a bad option to me.


It's the next day, actually. I didn’t finish up yesterday’s post. Mangos were calling. I picked up a lot of them (on sale, 2 for $3), a couple of bunches of bananas, a gorgeous pineapple, a fat honeydew melon, and these amazing, tri-color grated carrots. 

Last night, I made an awesome carrot/coconut/raisin/pecan salad and we had a dinner of all vegetables. My husband had steamed Brussels sprouts and corn, and I had carrot/coconut salad and Brussels sprouts. I love all-veggie meals and mono-mealing it.

So that thing I wrote yesterday, about starting to enjoy autumn. Is it too late to take it back? Woke up this morning to 40-degree weather, cursing and shivering as I made tea. I have no idea where that statement came from. I take it back: I take it all back.

Live in peace.

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