Tiny Banana Sprout

The first Thailand Black Stem banana tree has sprouted! Only a plant geek like me can get so excited about a banana tree pup.

We have liftoff! The first of the Thailand Black Stem banana tree seeds has germinated, and a second one is right behind it. That’s two so far out of the eight seeds planted.

I spotted it last night, and celebrated by giving it a dose of water-soluble nitrogen. It shot up overnight, and is already nearly three inches tall.

We have the Musa bananas (including the Basjoo variety) from September putting out leaves the size of dinner plates already. They arrived as tiny pups, and have been spreading like wildfire. What I’ve learned about banana trees so far: they grow FAST, they drink and eat a lot, and they’re lovely. It’s very satisfying when a plant develops so quickly. I’m loving banana tree cultivation.

On a sadder note, we lost the last mango tree. It’s becoming clear that mangos don’t like life indoors. But another pit has germinated, so we’re pressing on. But I think if this one dies too, I’m going to call the mango tree experiment a failure, and move on.

We have a big pot of fresh Genovese basil thriving under the grow lights. This pot started as seed in September. It’s doing great. Also, an avocado pit has sprouted in soil. I’m crossing my fingers for successful growth. I miss have a big, sprawling avocado tree.

It’s 48 degrees today, but sunny. All gardening, except for our potted parsley, is now officially indoors until next spring. The long winter begins.

Live in peace

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