MC Yogi, Final Garden Chores, and #SquadGoals

MC Yogi and Ghandi

It may be October, but we have some gardening chores to do this weekend. Last night, my husband tilled the food garden patch. This weekend, we’ll apply compost and lime. The flower beds have to be cleared of dried stems and leaves. Flower seeds will be gathered for next year’s flowers.

The last of the potted geraniums will be composted. I’ll hang the second bird feeder at the shed. Morning glory vines will be taken off the arch trellis. The big pot of parsley will be put in the ground, where it will grow until the first frost. The pot needs to go into the shed. I’ll leave the arugula pot out, though. It’s still coming in nicely. I added a big handful to some penne last night.

That will wrap up the chores once and for all for the season. Today is October 7.

My family member mentioned in a blog post above said yes to lunch this weekend! Her favorite place is an awesome Italian restaurant called Red Rose in Springfield, Massachusetts. And my husband announced last night that he wants to join us. I’m so glad we’ll all have a day and some great food together before she starts her chemotherapy next week.

I’ve discovered this awesome band called MC Yogi. The sound is a fusion of Hindustani music and contemporary rap. A very hip merging of sitar and poetry. It’s great. My favorite tunes so far are ‘Rock on Hanuman’ and ‘Ganesh is Fresh’. Ram Das is sometimes featured in MC Yogi’s music. My husband, the dogs, the hamster, and I were dancing to ‘Rock on Hanuman’ in the kitchen last night.


Live in peace.

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