Growing Turmeric, and Love and Support for Animal Liberation Front

This weekend, I’ll be drinking lots of citrus water. It’s time to start spring cleaning the temple. No fasting this weekend, just moderate, clean eating and citrus water. Now I have two friends who are going to join me on the citrus water one-day fast in a couple of weeks. If I’m feeling good, I’ll go two days. Maybe three. General rule: once you start feeling weak or dizzy, it’s time to stop. I know some fasters say feeling lousy is a good sign that the body is purging toxins. I don’t necessarily find that to be true.

Watched a YouTube vid on growing turmeric this morning, and decided that a large pot of turmeric plants is something I’ll keep near the kitchen door this summer. It’s insanely easy: buy some organic turmeric tubers (Whole Foods always has them), plant about an inch deep in rich soil, and keep in full sun. Then I remembered that I have some turmeric powder that I made from the fresh root last summer, and I poured some into this morning’s green smoothie. Homemade powder blows away anything you can buy.

I decided to plant those broccoli sprouts in a germination tray, let them build some bulk, then plant them out late next month. Good thing we have lots of garden space. I’m pretty much growing everything I can get my hands on lately.

You’ll note that this blog is now a supporter of Animal Liberation Front. ALF is considered radical and criminal by its criticizers. But in case you haven’t noticed, animal abuse is utterly rampant, and laws do little-to-nothing to ease animals’ suffering. Legislation is flaccid. The average citizen is too distracted, self-preoccupied, or numb to care.

Animals are still – STILL – being brutalized in medical and cosmetic experiments, the meat and dairy industries are bigger and badder than ever, and individual stories of humans abusing, torturing, raping, and killing animals for the thrill of it are as present as ever. I’m a pacifist, but I throw my support behind ALF. The time for niceties and negotiation is over.

These courageous people are taking direct action. For the sake of the dear animals, give them your support too.

Live in peace.

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