May Frost and Herbs for Lymph Support (Manjistha and Red Clover)

This morning, I started using this lymph support essential oil blend as a part of my morning dry brushing routine

We had a frost last night. May frosts are a colossal pain. All the plants that just went outdoors must go inside again. And then it’s always sketchy the next morning – is it safe to bring them back outside again? Plants don’t like to leapfrog indoors to outdoors and back again.

Today, though, it’s a sunny 60 degrees. Everything is back outside. Now, we have to keep our eyes on the weather in case May turns out to be the month of late-season frosts.

This morning, I started using a lymph support essential oil blend with my morning dry brushing. I thought little of lymph health until recently, when I discovered that lymph actually occupies every tiny little part of our bodies. Somehow, I’d thought of it as something that resides in lymph nodes. Nope. It’s pretty much everywhere, in every little bit of tissue. It is a part of every fiber of the body. It’s important stuff.

I’ve learned two things about lymphatic health: dehydration adversely affects lymph by causing it to thicken and not travel smoothly through our tissues, doing its job of moving toxins and other substances through and out of our bodies, and; lymph could use some help in staying mobile.

When we’re very young, lymph, like everything else, runs optimally, like a brand-new engine. As we age, lymph tends to move more slowly. Dry brushing and self-massage are great ways to aid lymph movement.

I rub a few drops of the essential oil onto the bristles of my dry brush before brushing. It has a brisk, stimulating scent – thanks to the herbs manjistha, red clover, and cleavers - and is quickly absorbed into the tissues. Then, I shower. It feels great.

This morning, I started writing about veganism and intersectionality. With Gary Yourofsky’s retirement from activism in March, intersectional critical theory is suddenly on the vegan and social justice radar. There are those who don’t know what it is, those who do and who support it, and those who do and loathe it.

I have my own opinion on the subject, but when I got into writing a post about it today, realized that I needed more time. The divide between intersectionalists and non-intersectionalists has become heated. You can’t state your view without making some people mad. Still, it’s an important subject that’s having real impact on the vegan community. So, look for my thoughts on it tomorrow or early next week.

Live in peace.

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