‘The Man Who Quit Money’ and the 2017 NYC Pride March

Another great documentary just found me. ‘The Man Who Quit Money’ is a short (25-minute) film about the life of Daniel Suelo, who, 12 years ago, left jobs in computer technology and medicine to experiment with a new way of living: completely without money.

Suelo relinquished his role in the American economy after, as he explains, he observed nature at work - a perfect system that is beautiful and balanced and stays that way without currency. Like others, he also grew tired of living in a credit-debt economy, where worries about money take up too much space in the brain.

He’s been living a traveling lifestyle, although he’s narrowed things down to two campsites that he frequents. A tent is his shelter. For food, he not only eats the fruits, veggies, and herbs that Mother Nature offers, but also, as he described it, “dumpster dives” (don’t be grossed out - we toss away way too much good food). Occasionally, he receives food through the generosity of others.

He doesn’t worry about health. His years in the hospital system showed him that we are positively obsessive about health. Add that to the money worry, and we are a society that does a lot of worrying.

He also observed the chronically-ill elderly, who were habitually kept alive long after death would have naturally occurred. They were miserable and left to anguish for months and even years past the point where nature, in its wisdom and kindness, would have released them from their suffering.

Nature doesn’t allow suffering to drag on as we do. Nature, as Suelo says, “doesn’t stand for it”. Our ‘medicine’ prolongs suffering to absurd and costly extremes. Nature has great compassion: we have little. Suelo is in good health and is well fed, and he hasn’t seen a doctor in more than 12 years.

Most of all, he’s very happy. He sleeps when he’s tired, eats when he’s hungry, gets plenty of sun, walks every day in fresh air, and makes friends all the time. He has an intense reverence for the sun, air, water, and the natural world – these priceless things we take for granted. This former 40-hour-a-week wage earner made the break, and he’s not looking back. It’s an awesome story.

Check out Suelo’s blog on a money-free life at www.zerocurrency.blogspot.com.

I’m heading to the Pride March in New York City in June! Wesleyan sent out invitations to its alumni network to go as a large group representing Wesleyan’s LGBTQ community at the 48th annual march, and I registered.

I’ve always wanted to participate in the Pride event, and to go as part of a team representing our Wesleyan LGBTQ colleagues makes it even more meaningful. The bus there is free for alumni, and just $10 for those who didn’t have the good fortune to graduate from an incredible university like Wesleyan. Sorry, but I’ve always been super proud of my alma mater!

In the garden: last night we planted the ‘Give-Away’ food garden. Mosquitoes were rampant, so we moved quickly to plant and then gave everything a deep watering. This weekend, we’ll put up the trellises and supports and feed the veggie plants some pure nitrogen.

I noticed in my travels through the gardens that the sweet mint is coming back big time.  Summer would not be summer without tons of sweet mint. It makes a yummy, cooling sun tea. I add it to smoothies and fruit, summer rolls and salads, pesto and sandwiches, rice, veggie burgers, and hummus. Steeped overnight in water, it makes a refreshing hair rinse that leaves my hair soft and smelling gorgeous. Gawd I love summer.

Check out the film ‘The Man Who Quit Money’ and consider joining the Pride March in NYC on June 25. Both are excellent ways to further your awakening.

Live in peace.

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