Hello Chilled Bulbs, Cold Days, and Sacred Geometry

I swear, I solemnly believe that the thing I will miss most about summer is the delight of its colors (did I just write that? I thought it was the beach). Truth. 

Yes, the ocean is incomparable. But the soft pinks, oranges, denim blues, and yellows of the garden, the robin’s egg blue of the sky, that golden slant of evening light (6 or so p.m.), the sapphire ocean, tawny skin, sun-bleached hair and driftwood, buff-colored beach sand, the verdant green of trees as they put on new leaves in May.

I just exhaled thinking about all those colors.

Winter is on its way; there is a big bag of purple and white hyacinth bulbs in the fridge. In January, I’ll bring them out into the warmth and light, pot them up, and stand back. By February, they will be in bloom all over the house. Our hearts will need them then.

We have a great big new shed in the yard now. My wonderful husband arranged half as my potting area. The big rosemary from the potted garden is already in the window on my work table there. Let’s hope it survives winter.

It’s time to withdraw from the garden, beach, and ocean. Take comfort in:

Warming soups (I’m loving light Japanese tofu/miso and soba/dashi soups now)

Hot and frothy chai (extra cardamom)

Cardamom bread

Thick, soft bed quilts

A crackling fire in the fireplace (or my husband’s new pellet stove)


Cozy riding boots

Thick, thick sweaters


Grilling veggies outdoors

Chilly walks on the beach with Todd


Searching for hidden potatoes in the garden

Putting up Christmas lights in the bedroom

Snowy Saturdays at the coffee shop with my besties

Long nights, Wes Anderson movies and documentaries

Long nights and sacred geometry books (I’m a crazy mathophile)

Slow, easy yoga in the snow

Warm apple pie

Brussels sprouts

The blessed jars of tomato emulsion we put up in summer

And I have to admit - I AM looking forward to seeing Lily Dawa Dubois, our new puppy, meet snow for the first time. A puppy and her first snow. Cuteness explosion!

But I will miss those colors. Thank you, Mother Earth, for another insanely wonderful summer. Jay yong, peace and love!


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