Little Troopers

In a fit of grandiloquence, my hard-working husband two weekends ago took down the last of the veggie garden. He meant well, although I was a little disappointed that all of a sudden, the rest of the food plants (although admittedly waning) went bye-bye.

But tenacious yellow squash, nasturtium, and Russian kale just yesterday poked out from under the ruins of fallen tomato, bean, eggplant, cucumber, and hot pepper plants. Two young squash, two gourds, and a thriving kale plant are reaching for the last of the sun. Little troopers. 

When I saw it I danced, then ran into the house and asked my husband to please leave them alone for now. I might even continue to cultivate the kale, which is a cold-loving plant.

I am moderately anemic, and kale is a top iron-rich food for people with this condition, so I eat as much as possible. And yellow squash is just yummy, and Todd loves it. I’ll gratefully harvest garden food for as long as I can, right up to the first snow.

Thank you, Mother Earth!


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