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This blog is evolving. As my interest in growing food never tires, so does my regard for beneficial nourishment. Organic and GMO-free, raw, home-grown, or locally sourced, cruelty-free, vegetarian, mindful eating. It’s a process. There are always new trends to try, new things to learn, and copious mistakes to be made.

I’m kind of done for now with fruit-veggie smoothies and even to some extent green juice. Green juice is still on the menu, just not every day, and as the weather cools, and new trends heat up, I find new cold-weather nourishment to try. Cold juice on a cold morning makes my tummy feel leaden.

I have for many years been a big, big fan of po cha (cha suma) – Tibetan butter tea. It’s an acquired taste, but I love-love-love it. It’s filling and warming on a cold day, and gives me sustaining energy that plain tea doesn’t. So, at first, buttered coffee was not unorthodox to me.

Buttered coffee is one of those trends that hot right now. Also called bulletproof coffee and paleo coffee, buttered coffee is a simple, satisfying blend of good-quality roast, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil. I add a few grains of demerara sugar too. I don’t add more than a tablespoon of butter to my morning cup. Some disciples add two.

The thing about buttered coffee, past the trendiness, is that you don’t need to buy the trademark Bulletproof products. No way. Just no way. Unless you’re sick rich, you can steer clear of this:

Dave Asprey is getting abundantly wealthy on that, and good for him. As long as his motive is pure, I send him beautiful dharma. But the principle is simple and affordable for us working-class folks – brew your brew, place it in a blender, add butter and coconut oil, and blend until frothy. Drink. It’s super yummy, very satisfying, provides beneficial fats, and quells the appetite.

This is your breakfast, nothing else. No banana, no oatmeal, no yogurt. On an empty stomach, enjoy your buttered coffee. Let it work its way through you without interference.

I’ve been doing this for a week now, and have noticed a few hard-to-ignore changes. My energy level, in spite of my chronic anemia, is up. My appetite, usually ravenous between 9 a.m. and noon, is down. I have to watch the fats for the rest of the day, though. I still eat lots of organic extra virgin olive oil (California Olive Ranch is my brand) but stay away from other saturated fats.

Buttered coffee is all good, but it does ramp up your fat intake. So you have to adjust. By my calculations, if you don’t ease up on the fats for the rest of the day, while drinking a cup of buttered coffee every morning, you stand to gain 10 to 30 pounds in a year. Not beneficial.

In the morning, my wonderful husband always makes my coffee. I ask him for black now. I add the hot coffee to my smoothie blender, add 1 tablespoon of Kerry Gold butter (the butter you use MUST be grass fed), read why…

…and Kerry Gold is readily available at Whole Foods and even area supermarkets - then I add a dab of coconut oil, and a few grains of demerara. I’m weaning myself off the sugar now.

The Nutribullet gets turned on, my husband covers his ears and growls, and in 20 or so seconds, the buttered coffee is ready.

I have a feeling I’ll be drinking buttered coffee even after it’s named to The New York Times’ ‘Meh’ list, which it probably will soon. And you know how much I love my The New York Times.

Here’s my recipe:

Basic, Beneficial Buttered Coffee:

1 cup of hot, brewed, great-quality, organic, fair-trade coffee

1 tablespoon of grass fed, unsalted butter

1 teaspoon of cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil

Blend all in your smoothie blender, being sure that the lid is screwed on tight. 

Pour into your cup, wrap your hands around its buttery warmth, and drink. 



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