Prayer flags in the backyard garden are dancing in this October breeze. 

It’s up to an amazing 75 degrees today, but the nights are chilly now, and we’ve had the fire a few evenings so far. 

My husband took the last of the Cherokee tomatoes (picked green two weeks ago, and now red) off the kitchen windowsill last night and put them in the fridge. Boo. 

I bought a spaghetti squash at Garden of Light yesterday, instead of plucking our food fresh from our garden. I had to buy it. Blech. 

We hung the birdfeeder filled with protein-packed sunflower kernels (start feeding now, stop in late spring; winter is cold, and birds are so tiny and sweet and vulnerable). 

The kale is still coming up, though. And the cellar holds our garden potatoes. At least there’s that. But summer is over, loves. It really is. 

Teeming with gratitude for the wonderful harvest we had.


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