Lily Dawa

Lily nose

A post not related to the garden (which has gone to sleep for winter anyway): our little Lily Dawa is growing up, 5-1/2 months old now, just too cute for words. 

So far, aside from the myriad newspapers, magazines, library books, mail, houseplants, lip balms, socks, bras, and underwear she’s torn asunder, she chewed my eyeglasses to bits, recommissioned my yoga sandals as chew toys, ate Todd’s favorite L.L.Bean slippers, his boat shoes, and one of his leather belts, and has torn the fringe off our oriental wool hand-carved living room rug. 

She’s barfed in Todd’s truck 5 times – 4 times on the way to Vermont, and once to Rhode Island. She likes jumping into bed in the middle of the night, right on your bladder. She’s stubborn; she doesn’t listen. She bites your feet when you’re walking, trips you as you go down stairs, and lunges into Todd’s groin when he’s trying to rest in front of the TV. 

Her appetite is growing exponentially; the food bills are crazy. She’s driving our other dog insane. She tried to eat our hamster the other night.

I just love her.

And I miss you Daisy, I can’t wait to see you again, my beautiful, bouncing baby girl.

Daisy nose


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