1,000 Pounds of Cow Poop

We added a half-ton of cow manure to the vegetable bed yesterday. This is no pleasant job! But cow manure is an organic and very effective fertilizer for hungry vegetable plants. 

All the seedlings are outdoors now. The Franchi yellow zucchini seedlings are growing like crazy and so fat. I have a feeling we’re going to get beautiful food from them.

It’s suddenly become very warm (close to 80 degrees today!) and the forecast is showing evenings in the 50s, so I think everything is going to go into the ground in a week. Which would be amazing, because we would have an earlier-than-usual food crop this year. I can totally get behind that.

I cheated, and when we were out yesterday, bought a cherry tomato plant and potted it. Standing near the kitchen door, I’ll be able to nibble cherry tomatoes all summer without having to traipse to the garden for a quick snack.

All systems are a go. This is the absolute second best time of the year. The best time, you know, is when the veggie garden is bursting with fresh food. 
And we’re on our way.

Thank you, Mother Earth!

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