Tomatillos and a Meditation Garden

I’m so excited about growing tomatillos this year. This tomato with a pretty paper jacket is perfect for making fresh salsa. We’re growing the purple variety, which is slightly sweeter than its green cousin. 

I’ve learned that it’s a slow germinator. They’re just tiny babies now. But I’m hoping patience pays off and the weather stays fair and we have at least a half-dozen plants producing food in a few months. We both love salsa, and fresh is the best. That stuff in jars can be yucky.

Big news: my husband is going to build a meditation garden in the far corner of our yard. This is going to be a simple and restive place. A large figure of Shakyamuni Buddha, raised above eye level. Below the Supreme Buddha, herbs generally used in Ayurveda: sage, holy basil (tulsi), cardamom, coriander, curry, and if possible, a water feature with white lotus. And a bench for sitting.

I spent the morning today reciting the Tara puja. My birthday was great. It’s sunny and warm outside. The food garden is growing.


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